When To Contact Westside Atlanta Apartments Property Management

Now that you’ve moved yourself into Westside Atlanta apartments, you need to consider who you’ll need to contact in case something goes wrong with your apartment unit. When you first sign your lease, your contract will have the owner of the apartment or property listed, but this is not the person you should contact in case of an emergency. Most apartment owners hire property management companies that handle the daily task of running the rental units. That means you’ll communicate with this company when something goes awry. When should you contact and under what circumstances should you reach out to your property management company?

*If you have any security issues or concerns, you should contact Westside Atlanta apartments property management right away. One of the biggest security issues in an apartment complex is poor lighting. Poorly lit areas are a magnet for crime and intruders, in which case, you should let property management know that adequate lighting is necessary. Additionally, your apartment complex should have controlled entrances for tenants only.

*It’s unavoidable and an unnecessary fact of life that neighbor disputes do exist — even in the best of neighborhoods. If you have a problem with your neighbor, make sure you contact property management immediately and have them address the issue. The problem is that if property management doesn’t handle disputes with fairness, it can be a serious headache for everyone involved. There are certain instances where you may need to call the police if the dispute gets out of hand or you feel your safety is at risk, but oftentimes, contacting management can help you iron out any issues.

*Property management always needs to be contacted if there are emergency maintenance requests that need to be taken care of. Whether you’re dealing with a plugged toilet, broken windows or no heating in the room, your property management should be responsible for taking care of these problems. Anything that requires a handyman or a contractor, is something your management needs to deal with. Make sure you never hire a contractor on your own or attempt to fix any issues with your apartment unit as you could be held liable in case something goes wrong. Even if you see yourself as a DIY handyman, it doesn’t excuse you when you make costly mistakes that the management will have to repair later on.

When in doubt, it’s best to let property management know of your problem and let them handle it. Never take matters into your own hands because oftentimes you can create more problems instead of solving them. Whether you have a security problem, a neighborly dispute or an issue with your unit, property management can help.